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3 Common Mistakes for Students When Writing a Research Paper

3 Common Myths That Make Research Writing Such a Hard Task

A research paper is an intricate paper to write. It requires extensive research and writing. It requires in-depth analysis of various elements to conclude a clearly written and persuasive article. Despite the complexity of the study, if you make errors in the grammar, content, and flow of ideas, you will have a hard time presenting your argument and ideas. Therefore, it is integral to allocate time to familiarizing yourself with all the research contents.  

Do not worry if you have written a research paper and experienced something that can give you a hard time writing your essay. This article provides common mistakes students make in their research papers and how to avoid them. Consider these common mistakes.

Failing to Define the Topic

Most students fail to define the research topic. A problem like this is that they do not know what the article is about. Even if they had substantial research, they fail to define the scope of the data collection process. They end up presenting a different document that is not related to the topic. A research paper must seek to define the research gaps that exist in that field.  

Poorly Done Research

A poorly done research paper is a recipe for a low-quality paper. The low research paper quality of the research presented can never earn you high scores. Therefore, you should not carry out a thorough research process. Read extensively about the topic and area of study to get a better understanding of the study.  

Academic paper structure

Most students are used to the APA format for their research paper. This is a standard format used in almost all academic papers. APA1: A Compact Format for Research Papers. It is a mandatory requirement for all research papers submitted by students. The APA format is widely used in the field of behavioral sciences. Some research papers that use the APA structure include:

  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Political science
  • Medical science

However, while all these formats use a specific design, they each have their unique feature that makes them stand out from the rest. While drafting your research paper, ensure you keep the research structure of the APA basic structure. It should contain at least three case studies that explain the observed changes in behavior. The last bit is normally used in the recommendation and analysis sections of the APA paper.  

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