Toate imaginile de pe acest site sunt realizate de echipa Ciorchin. Te rugam sa ne contactezi daca iti doresti imagini sau vrei sa vi cu noi in ture foto.

Despre Radu

Radu Salcudean

Fotograf, Regizor, Bucătar, Tâmplar

About me

I am a full time professional photographer based in Transylvania :).

I work for clients shooting architecture, industrial buildings, portraits, events but also products and food.

I work for myself photographing caves, waters and forest during nighttime, experiencing with lights and ideas.

I work for my community helping Little People and other NGO’s in their charity projects providing them photography services and photography trainings and I am working in the team that organize .

I share a studio with my friends and colleagues from Ciorchin, a photography project which we started together in 2012. I am proud of being part of the team that organized PhotoRomaniaFestival.

I grew up around cameras, we always had them in my room as a child. My father and my brother [both architects] thought me the photography basics and darkroom techniques. I started photographing friends and nature long time ago. After studying art directing for five years I won the bet with myself and I moved back to photography. Since then, I graduated from UAD [University of Arts & Design] with a bachelor in arts degree followed  by a masters degree but I did not stop learning especially because I started teaching.

I am a T-shirt guy; I drink black tea, coffee with milk, dry red wine and tzuica [not all at the same time and not necessarily in this order].

I like good food, ice cream,  a good laugh with my friends, movies and travel but nature and photography are at the top for me. Together with my girlfriend we enjoy the beautiful nature around our hometown and try to see it as often as we can.




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The Seeker Project


I travel a lot and love to take photography with me during my trips. Hoping of course that she (photography), as a reward, invites me into her domain. Many projects are born as a result of this partnership and friendship; from the simple ones where photography is exercised in primary forms, towards more complex experiments and innovations.

This project, „The Seeker”, is an ongoing experiment, in which photography and I invited other elements of the visual art realm to join us, such as performance through to installation, graphic rebellion, sketching and calligraphy.

Following a unique path filled with signs from another world, which took me into modeling and directing the dance and calligraphy of light through photography, the viewers imaginations is set free.

I had to invent and construct instruments necessary for my photography and to travel at night along and across white water, mountain rivers.

Photography allowed me this gift for the others, the dance and writing performed in this different world and I am proud now to share it with everyone. This gift found its path towards everyone, shaped as signs and meanings of contemporary visual art.

Let it be that these signs and meanings which are shaped in appearance as digital prints or video projects, awaken in everyone the consciousness of other worlds enhanced through photography which is happily emerging from its own autarchy, to allow it to be permissive along with other arts and wonders of the world.”

Sunt disponibil pentru proiecte foto

Ma poti angaja pentru proiecte comerciale sau artistice in domeniul fotografiei de calatorie, produs, prelegeri, ture foto, teambuilding. etc.